Hi my name is Laurence aka Vision Of Colour and as you might know by now I make music particle deep house and garage. I lived in Bristol U.K for all my life or though when I was seven in 1992 I lived in Barbadoes for nearly two years. I’ve been in foster care and lived there on and off for nearly all my younger life from 7 to 16.  I recently had a break down and went to hospital for cannabis psychosis but I’m better now. I’ve been making music for only a year I started in May 2016  and  did class it as a hobby but I’m now looking to go to music school to improve my music. My favorite types of music is hiphop, r’n’b, drum & bass, jungle, reggae, house, deep house, garage, funk, disco mostly all of it except for metal, sorry I’m not a fan.  I live by myself with my dog Patch who is 13 this year, getting old I know. When I’m not making music I like playing playstation and watching tv. My favorite shows are Big Bang Theory and Blackish. I haven’t got a favorite film I’m not much of a film person more tv and music. I’ve only started blogging a couple of weeks the start of November 2017 so the fans can get to know more of me. I would describe myself as a loner for a passion for music, yes I do like my solitude but at the same time I wish I didn’t cut all my friends off oh well got to keep on moving as the song goes.

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